About the conference

This was a two day conference organised by SDHI and NES to explore key questions facing researchers, practitioners and policy-makers.The conference sought to explore what social science and organisational research had to offer for better understanding of, and ultimately, making improvements in, patient safety. The rich set of presentations provided a resounding answer: plenty! Moreover, the role of social science was not just seen in developing and testing interventions, but perhaps as importantly in drawing attention to the ‘taken for granted’ aspects of care within which both danger lurks and potential protective practices can be found. Plenary presentations on these themes were complemented by a range of more interactive workshop sessions which showcased work from across the UK. In addition, the traditional poster sessions were greatly enlivened as presenters here had been enjoined to; think creative’ in how they captured attention, intrigued and provoked. Around a hundred delegates from academic, practice and policy environments got stuck in, and the hubbub of conversation never flagged over the full two days. Taken together, these ingredients more than delivered on what had been hoped for from the conference: a series of linked conversations that brought to the fore the potential for social and organisational research to contribute to safer healthcare.

  Professor Huw Davies
welcomes delegates

Professor Mary Dixon-Woods

Professor Naomi Fulop

 Poster viewing

Poster viewing

Dr Justin Waring



 Dr David Steel
concluding remarks